Welcome to Blueberry Kennels Africa, we are based in Johannesburg South Africa and produce AFRICA’S ELITE XL American Bully!!

Blueberry Kennels Africa is a family owned kennel and we pride ourselves on being one big happy family, it’s more than just the purchase of a pedigree American Bully for our clients. Once you’re a part of this family, there’s no getting out!

We are also a piece to an even bigger puzzle, being the African partner to Blueberry Kennels in the United States. This partnership was formed in 2015 and assures we get the best of the best bloods straight from the source! With Blueberry being one of the most recognized kennels in the USA and their pups being so sought after, it was only a matter of time before they found their way to Africa. And as we were already running a well recognized breeding program in South Africa, with some of the best international blood lines, from some of South Africa’s most established kennels such as Shockerline SA, African King Kennels and Monster Bullies SA, we were a perfect fit. We are very proud to be a part of the Blue Team and will continue to uphold their great breeding standards.

We strive to produce and replicate the breed standard set out by the American Bully Kennel Club, home of the original American Bully. Our dogs not only possess the muscular body, blocky heads, heavy bone structure and overall BULLY look but they also give the impression of great strength and exude confidence. Our family companions are fiercely loyal and despite their powerful appearance, are really just GIANT lap dogs, who are more than willing to please their owners. From birth our dogs are brought up in a family environment and are excellent with kids and other animals. We produce ELITE show quality dogs whom are highly trainable, although we also understand that this breed is not for everyone and we strongly advise you do your research before considering an American Bully as your next pet, because they do require a lot work and training to maintain a well-balanced dog. We also know that a show quality dog is not what everyone is searching for, and we highly recommend you consider rescuing a loveable dog in need from many of the rescue centers in South Africa.

When you make the decision to purchase a pup from Blueberry Kennels Africa, we guarantee you a show quality pup right through to our very last pick of the litter. Consistency is our aim and you can tell by our choice of breeding, no two dogs are paired by chance or in hopes to get lucky with the end result. Instead, every move we make is a calculated one, aimed at achieving the perfect XL American Bully. Not only in size, structure and conformation but also temperament, we are in this game to give families the chance to own the perfect companion and grow with us as a family as we take the American Bully breed to the next level on African soil!